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2005-09-12 - 9:23 a.m.

so much going on lately.

nothing with me, just stuff happening around me.

but still, i feel disconnected. apart. a part, ap art.

there is this glowing coming from my head. this fuzzy sort of feeling pushing me to create. create what though. it's never clear.

i want to soar with the clouds. i want to swim in the depths of the ocean.

i want to be free, free. freedom.

that seems so intangilbe. so far away.

there is so much change here. everywhere. the pivot point is begining to turn, a new direction, what will the future hold and give to us?

what will become of me. you.

light cuts across the room as I bend quietly to kiss you again. you stir softly as i pull up your blanket and leave the room. another day has begun. another day has ended.

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