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2005-09-23 - 4:00 p.m.

Why is everyone always bitching about stuff they have no control over? and more importantly if they are bitching about something they DO have control over, why don't they do anything about it????

sorry, this is just stupid to me.

I'm trying not to bitch and moan cause there is so much out there. No wonder everyone always feels like shit, there aren't enough people out there trying to do good things and be nice and accept that they can't control every situation.

H has been freaked out for the past three days about her exams coming up. So, pretty much all i've been hearing is about school work and/or how, when and what she has to study. It is interesting info though, but sometimes it's just too much.

at least she's been understanding when i ask her for a few minutes break.

i got my hair cut yesterday! woo hoo. cut off like 12 inches.

stupid hurricanes are moving through the south again. Can someone remind me why i moved to Florida???

i'm starting to finally feel more connected here though. It has taken quite a while, but i'm starting to notice subtle differences in light, wind, smells. it's just so much easier when you live in a 4 climate area with distince seasons. It's hard to forget it's winter with 20 inches of snow outside, but in florida, it's like summer in the winter and it's like HELL in the summer. two seasons. but like i said, starting to feel more connected.

our coral reef tank has been doing so well and we finally got all the equip neccesary. took a while, but ...but.
the weird thing is that about 3 weeks ago i moved the pineapple coral around the tank and it stung me. but the thing is that it's still all messed up. like a collection of itchy blisters. so weird. the coral must have some kind of active slime because as far as I knew, it's not a really aggressive coral (no stinging tentacles). dunno.

so i really want to move to new york. out in the country with a lot of land. i think this will vastly improve life and hopefully get off the grid, at least halfway off. soon we can put the townhouse back up on market and get a nice chunk of change.

we'll have to see what we can find up there. want something nice with room for a kid or two, if that ever comes up. don't know if it will, but would be something to somewhat plan for now.

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